Scholarship Grant

Don Hurzeler Scholarship Grant

This benefit is named in honor of Don Hurzeler, the 2004 / 2005 National President of CPCU who, as a member of our chapter, provided much support and professional encouragement to insurance professionals for many years.

The Chicago-NW Suburban CPCU Chapter has established a $1,000 scholarship grant for an active (paid) chapter member or an eligible member of their family.  The 2016 Award was made to Taylor Schmidt, nephew of Tammy Schmidt.  Thanks to everyone for their participation and to the members of the committee for their service.

On May 23, 2017 Kelsey Davis, daughter of Joel Davis, was awarded the Don Hurzeler Scholarship Grant. Kelsey just finished her freshman year at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she is majoring in Neurobilogy and Spanish.  Congratulations Kelsey!



Any additional questions, contact the Scholarship chair, Ann Pechloff,

Recipient Award Year
Kelsey Davis 2017
Taylor Schmidt 2016
Dustin Pawelek 2015
Aaron Harris 2014
Brandon Kwiatkowski 2012 - 2013
Joseph Gainer 2011 - 2012
Jennifer Fulton 2010 - 2011
Kelsi Cantavespi 2009 - 2010
Joy Ayemoba 2008 - 2009
James Fleming 2007 - 2008
Catherine Peuvion 2006 - 2007
Laura Pettengill 2005 - 2006
Laura Klein 2004 - 2005