2016 Chapter Survey Results

Mon, 10/10/2016 - 13:39
by Val Pristera

Thank you to those chapter members who responded to our 2016 survey!

The Officers and Board of Directors appreciate the input and you can look forward to your suggestions being put into action for the rest of this year and next year.


2016 Member Survey – Summary Results


Summary Results

1 - How many chapter meetings have you attended in the previous 12 months?

60 out of 104 (57.7%) said they had not attended any meetings in the last 12 months.  42.3% attended 1 or more.

53.7% of Paid members attended 1 or more meetings.

2 - Overall, how satisfied are you with the meetings you attended?

43 out of 44 (97.7%) responded Very Satisfied or Somewhat Satisfied with the meetings. 


3 - Please rate the following items that often prevent you from attending meetings from 1-5 (with 5 being the most influential).

  • The biggest reason for people not attending was "My time is too limited, I am too busy to attend meeting"
  • Followed by 5:30p not being a good starting time.
  • Locations near home/work were relatively neutral.
  • Availability of CE / State CE credits wasn’t a major influence.


4 - Which of the following do you think would increase overall attendance at chapter meetings?

Among those who had not attended any meetings, the items most likely to increase attendance, in order of importance, were:

  • Make all meetings free (include in annual dues).
  • Offer more meetings in different location/suburb of the northwest suburbs.
  • Have meetings during lunch time.

Among those who had attended meetings, the perceived things that would increase attendance were:

  • 33 out of 80 (41.3%) responded make the meetings free.
  • 30 out of 80 (37.5%) responded “Offer different meeting topics.”


5 - Please rate the following things that motivate you to attend meetings from 1-5 (with 5 being the highest).

  • Meeting topics were very important with a 4.05 out of 5.
  • Location was very important with a 4.00 out of 5.
  • Networking was important with a 3.70 out of 5.
  • Meeting time was relatively neutral with a 3.21.
  • Availability of CE Credits was neutral, and Food was relatively unimportant.


6 - Please rate the following general meeting topics according to your interest on a scale of 1 to 5 (where 5 is highest).

The top four responses were:

  • Emerging technologies and impact on insurance business
  • Personal/Professional Development
  • Claims Issues/Trends
  • Underwriting Issues/Trends

7 - What is your current employment status?

68 out of 81 (84.0%) responded “Employed in the industry – Full time.”

8 - Which of the following best describes your employer's support for your involvement in the society?

54 out of 70 (77.1%) responded their employer pays for annual dues.

36 out of 70 (51.4%) also indicated their employer pays for meetings.

10 - Which of the following best describes your primary field of specialty and/or career experience?

The top 60% of responses were (from highest to lowest): Claims, Underwriting, Regulatory/Compliance/Audit, and Information Technology.

11 - How many years have you worked in the insurance industry?

32 out of 81 (39.5%) responded they had worked in the industry for 30+ years.

12 - You can connect with your chapter on LinkedIn and Twitter. Please indicate which of the following social media services you use regularly (once a month or more)?

Linkedin (67.6%) and Facebook (57.4%) were the most popular.

13 - Does your job or licensure require Illinois certified continuing education?

Yes – 29.6%, No – 70.4%.  There were 81 responses.

14 - If the chapter were to offer events with Illinois certified continuing education, please rank the factors that would most impact your decision to attend (1 is most influential)?

Event cost was the most influential factor (2.50).

Followed by Topic/Subject Matter (2.53) and Location (2.71).

15 - Which of the following other benefits of paid CPCU Society membership do you use (select all that apply)

56.3% (45 / 80) took advantage of Free webinars on insurance related topics offered by the Society


16 - Which of the following ways would you consider becoming more involved in your chapter (select all that apply)?

  • 41.9% (31/74) people responded None.
  • 37.8% (28/74) people responded that they’d be willing to help out with a charitable event.
  • 24.3% (18/74) said they’d be willing to volunteer 1 to 2 hours/week on a sub-committee.

17 - Do you have any other general comments you would like to add?

16 people added additional comments.

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