Chapter Celebration: 40 Years and 99 New Designees!

Fri, 11/04/2016 - 15:54
by Val Pristera

On Thursday September 8, 2016, the Chicago-Northwest Suburban CPCU Society Chapter held a dual celebration.  There was a great deal to celebrate. 

It was the Chapter’s 40 anniversary and we were honored to have three of the Charter Members present to celebrate with us:  Ray Normann, Bill Ross and Bill Smith.  Each was presented with a certificate of recognition as well as some current CPCU gifts for their contributions to the founding of the chapter.

Ray Normann told the story of how he became the first President of the Chapter.  The Presidency was decided on a coin flip, but he honestly could not remember if he won or lost that toss. 

Also present were a number of the Chapter’s Past Presidents.  A few no longer live in the area but we were pleased they decided to make the trip to attend.

In honor of the occasion, everyone in attendance received a commemorative gift, a computer mouse pad with the Chapter’s logo as an acknowledgment of the 40th anniversary.  We also had a photographer present to take individual photos of each attendee if they so wished.

Not simply looking back at the Chapter’s history, we looked to its future by honoring the 99 New Designees affiliated with the Chapter.  Some 35 of the New Designees were able to attend.  All who attended and were paid members of the Chapter were placed in a drawing to receive a $500 gift card from the chapter, to be used as the winner wished but hopefully for incidental costs for the National Meeting in Honolulu.  The winner was Michael Arens, CPCU from Liberty Mutual Insurance.

However, all of the New Designees received a very special T-Shirt.  With the chapter logo on the back, the front had a silhouette of a palm tree and the following words:  “I studied hard, earned my CPCU designation and all my chapter gave me was this T-Shirt?!!!!”  All were encouraged to wear their shirts proudly, whether or not they were able to go to CPCU National Meeting and to share pictures of themselves in their shirts via the Chapter’s Instagram site.

Be sure to check out the photos in the Photo Gallery!

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