CPCU Society Chicago-Northwest Chapter Achieves Platinum Designation

Tue, 04/26/2022 - 14:08
by Jennifer Polachek

The Circle of Excellence Program provides chapter leaders with a framework to assist in providing a consistent member experience, supporting Society strategic goals and delivering value and services to members.  As a volunteer leader, you play a critical role in conveying the CPCU Society’s value to our members.

2021 saw our chapters continuing to work through challenges figuring new ways to meet members’ expectations and needs. Many of our chapters have responded to the pandemic in extraordinary ways and we thank you for continuing your commitment to making a difference.

I am pleased to announce and congratulate you and your chapter!  The Chicago-Northwest Suburban Chapter has earned the PLATINUM Circle of Excellence for 2021.  Your accomplishment has been shared with all members in our recent Membership Monday communication and a listing of all chapters and their achievement are posted online

While we are no longer providing chapters with physical circles to attach to a plaque, make sure to check out our digital graphics available for recognition.  Please share this achievement with your members so they are aware of your efforts that helped earn your chapter this recognition.  Remember to thank those responsible for your Circle of Excellence results and recognize them for their leadership during these most exceptional of times!

Thank you for helping us to meet our goals in providing relevant knowledge, empowering professionals to succeed and in engaging future generations of leaders.   Thank you for your dedication, your time and your resolve.  Please extend our congratulations to your leadership team and all chapter members who planned and participated in your many activities during 2021.

Best wishes to the Chicago-Northwest Suburban Chapter for continued success in 2022!


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