President's Letter

Tue, 07/02/2019 - 15:15
by Susan Stone-Janczewski

Platinum- what it means to mean…

“Achievements are precious and timeless, just like the precious metal platinum.” Vijender Singh

For the second year Chicago Northwest Suburban Chapter has been earned Platinum for Circle of Excellence. Each member should be proud of this accomplishment as it couldn’t have been achieved without your participation and support! The goals measured were to provide relevant knowledge, empower professionals to succeed, and engage future generations of leaders. Your board continues to strive to meet your needs and to help you achieve your professional goals, so let us know how we can help.

“Music has been my passion since I was a little girl and now I have my first platinum record at 19. NO words to express my gratitude.” Ariana Grande

A platinum phonograph record is awarded to a singer or group whose album has sold at least one million copies.  While it wasn’t an audience of 1 million I’m super proud of Eileen Mahoney and Daniel Haas who represented our chapter at the May 16th Hepler Broom event. They were co-presenters and spoke to insurance coverage issues arising out of the use of medical marijuana. We have a richness of talent and expertise in our chapter and each time we have the pleasure of “one of our own” presenting at a local meeting we are in for a treat.

“There are a few elements- especially platinum and palladium- that have the amazing ability to absorb up to 900 times their own volume in hydrogen gas. To get a sense of the scale there, that’s roughly equivalent to a 250 pound man swallowing something the size of a dozen African bull elephants and not gaining an inch on his waistline.” Sam Kean

You’ll have to indulge me on this one, but how this translates to CPCU is that together as a chapter we have the ability make a huge difference. By sharing the knowledge that’s been absorbed through education, life experiences and work experiences we are valuable leaders in insurance. Through our good works we make a positive difference in our local communities. Last, but certainly not least, we make a difference to each other by helping each other, developing friendships and providing a supportive environment for members to grow as leaders.

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